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Director:  Carolyn Combs

Screenwriters: Michael Springate with Carolyn Combs and Jeremy Waller

Genre:  Drama

Year: 2018

Vancouver’s most cosmopolitan street – Commercial Drive – is the setting for Carolyn Combs’ compassionate and heartfelt ensemble drama, a film about home and displacement, isolation and solidarity. Beginning at dawn, ending at dusk, the story hinges on Constanza (Carmen Aguirre), a Chilean refugee and activist whose relationship with her daughter is tested by health concerns they’d rather not confront. 


Festivals & Awards: Whistler Film Festival 2018



Director:  Javier Aparisi

Screenwriter:  Javier Aparisi

Genre:  Drama

Year: 2020


Caught up in the middle of the global pandemic, a young couple, Seiko and William try to remain connected to each other in these exceptional times. Seiko only wants to protect William, but William has an obligation to his community. The world needs people like him now more than ever. With the uncertainty of the situation, emotions run high.

*Currently on the film festival circuit.



Director:  Javier Aparisi

Screenwriter:  Javier Aparisi

Genre:  Drama

Year: 2019


Julia reminisces about the time she took her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, and her son to the beach for the first time. But that year's family trip to the ocean was more special than ever since it was the first time for little Victor and the last one for grandma.

Festivals & Awards: 2020 Shortcircuit Pafici Rim Film Festival - Audience Choice Award 

2019 CanadaShorts International Film Festival - Award of Commendation 

Los Angeles Cinefest 2020 - Semi-Finalist  | Official Selection: Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival 2020  | 62nd Rochester International Film Festival  | L.A Shorts Awards - March Edition  | 24th Zaragoza Film Festival  | Rome Independent Prisma Awards  | 3rd Nexgn International Short Film Festival




Director:  Lester Hamlet

Screenwriters: Lester Hamlet & Mijail Rodriguez

Genre:  Drama

Year: 2016


A former couple, separated since their teen-age years by immigration, meet again in Cuba four decades later. This will be their opportunity to see how much they have changed, and ascertain whether the love promises they made to each other forty years earlier were fulfilled or not.


Festivals & Awards: 38 Festival of New Latinamerican Cinema of La Havana - People's Choice Award | 18 Havana Film Festival NY |33 Chicago Latino Film Festival



Director:  Fabián Suárez

Screenwriters:  Fabián Suárez

Genre:  Drama

Year: 2015


Robi is a lonely guy who is passionate about photography and torn between the love he feels for his “uncle” Salomón, who is ill with AIDS and to whom he owes his gratitude, and the love he feels for Galaxia, who decides to leave for France. 


Festivals & Awards: World Cinema Amsterdam 2015 | Havana Film Festival 2015 | Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores 2016 - Best feature film | Frameline40 - Official Selection.



Director:  Adrian Patterson

Screenwriters:  Jessica Hill, Megan Kinsley & Adrian Patterson

Genre:  Thriller

Year: 2012


One day, long ago a First Nations woman disappeared.

Before she vanished her people were worried. She started having strange dreams and began sleepwalking, often finding herself deep the woods. She also had many visions. Visions of her great grandmother. Visions of being the forest itself. Visions of a creature she could not describe.


Festivals & Awards: 2013 Big Island Film Festival - Golden Honu Award Best Foreign Feature | 2013 Portobello Film Festival - Official Selection | 2013 Nevada Film Festival - Platinum Reel Award 



Director:  Lester Hamlet

Screenwriter:  Lester Hamlet & Alejandro Brugués

Genre:  Drama

Year: 2011


In modern day Havana, where economic hardship is abundant, two young people see if love and personal aspiration have any place amongst a city defined by adversity.


Festivals & Awards: 33 Festival of New Latinamerican Cinema of La Havana - Third Coral Award Official Competition | 48 Chicago International Film Festival |16 Festival Internacional de Cine de Lima 


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